Bunny Cox

Spiritual Director

Retreat Leader 

Teacher of Prayer

“It is my call and my privilege to share the journey with others and to listen to their sacred stories as they seek a deeper understanding of God.  Because of my own life experiences, I am especially sensitive to spiritual issues that arise during times of grief, struggle and suffering.”  -Bunny Cox


The Sacred Space Group is now closed.  To join the next group, please contact Bunny.

Bunny will be the keynote speaker for the February gathering of The Bigger C Encouragers, a place of Christian fellowship for all affected by cancer to receive hope and encouragement.


Bunny Cox is an experienced spiritual director, retreat leader, and teacher of prayer for groups and individuals. She has served as a spiritual companion for lay persons, ordained persons, and persons from varying faith traditions.  Bunny has been blessed with gifted teachers, including Tilden Edwards, Gerald G. May, M.D., and Rose Mary Dougherty, S.S.N.D.

Bunny is available for spiritual direction, retreats, workshops, quiet days, and other programs designed to deepen and enrich one’s spiritual life.  If you wish a companion in your spiritual journey, or if you would like a retreat leader, contact Bunny at 205.310.5781 or at info@bunnycox.com.

Click here for more information about Bunny's training and experience.

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If you would like to read reflections by Bunny, go to her blog, From the Big Red Chair.


 Sacred Seasons

Winter's Wisdom: "Silent snow reminds us that words are the least important part of prayer" -Bunny Cox


A prayer shawl  
placed by God
on shoulders of the oak. 
Roots sunk deep in holy ground.  -Bunny Cox


"Silence takes us to the home of words, to the home of our soul, to our home in God, where everyone and everything co-exists eternally together in indestructible Love."  -Tilden Edwards

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Photo Courtesy of Carl Ferguson
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